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Gladius Money making, 3-4m Profit PER HOUR

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Runescales2, May 15, 2015.

  1. Gladius *Ascension Dungeon*
    Requirements: Atleast 80 range, 80 Defence, 70 prayer recommended, and 68 Summoning
    Gear: Full Armadyl, Blood Amulet of Fury (or Dragonrider Amulet) Rcb (or better) Avas (or better) and Ring of Wealth

    Just go Kill gladius, bring magic notepaper to note your drops and if you have spring cleaner bring that, but also bring notepaper for when the items aren't cleaned. Alch runes are also applicable. Blood amulet will heal you enough to not need food, and it is not very afk, as a result of their stunning. Makes amazing money not even including the keys, because of the rune and addy items.
    *Loot the ascension shards as well!*

  2. Ability bar setup example?
    What summoning creatures can you use to enhance profit?
  3. *68* for Bunyip, this heals you if you can't use a Blood Amulet. however if only using a Bunyip some food is required. Also Here is what your ability bar should look like ~ http://imgur.com/Els6PSK ~ I use Renewals and when i have prayer points I just use the Level 70 Range prayer "Rigour" and "Freedom" if I get pissed from the stuns haha
  4. This helped me alot great guide i hope you post more :)
  5. Killing Rorarii is also great money + it's AFK!
  6. cool guide! wish i wasnt a 1 def pure lol

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