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[Giveaway] New Money Making Methods - Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Ryan, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Have an idea for a new money making chart?

    We currently have:
    • 120 Item List
    • Alch for Profit
    • Herblore for Profit
    • Followed Items List.
    If you have an idea post here and earn 1 month of free Support Rank as well as your chart make for the site!
  2. Maybe like a fletch for profit? Price of bow strings and logs and how much profit you make per string/cut and also it will say what level you would need for the item you wanna make
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  3. #CraftingForProfit
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  4. To stick with the trend: Custom price comparisons (like how the herbs for profit work) (I'm lazy okay?)
    Cooking for profit would also be lovely to see.
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  5. Expand Magic Spells for profit, tan, making teletabs, hunter kit, enchant, plank make etc.
    Making/Finishing Unf. Pots for Profit
    Cooking for Profit
    Misc. things such as profit margins on tanning, wetting clay, set unpacking/combining.
  6. Make a chat like osbuddy has of prices, osbuddy has been very unreliable lately, they've reset a lot of good items, like some items don't go back more then a month.....Also find a way to narrow down trends, Like bought/sold percentage, to possibly see if a merch is going on, or to predict a further price nuke.
  7. Extended flips for profit. Like using some simple linear regression to guess what the long term price of an item likely is.
  8. Unusual Items that make profit.
    An example of this would be buying larupia furs for crazy cheap (instabuy on GE can hit 1-100gp ea) and making them intro larupia bodies which instasell at 5-6k ea.
  9. So basically make a profit calculator for every skilling ability there is. Like Cooking, fetching, smithing. magic
  10. How about decent drops from mobs?
  11. how about a total flip profit calculator (so you put in total buy/sell amount after each flip) so the calc always shows how much you have made by flipping so far.
  12. Farming profit?
    That would be awesome.
  13. Certainly cooking, it's how I would usually fund myself when I'm/was poor.
  14. How would you be able to calculate that? The amount of produce returned from the seed planted is random and there are ways to change the potential amount you get. There's also the thought of them dying too.
  15. This is only possible if you use gauntlets or have a cooking cape which prevents burning
    what would be classed as "unusual items" ?
    Also as they would not be traded often this chart could become outdated / contain invalid numbers or 0s :confused:
  16. I feel stupid xD
    How didn't I think of that.

    Also, how about Runecrafting profit?
  17. Sets > Items / Items > Sets
    Godsword Shards > Godsword Blade
    Godsword Blade + Hilt > Godsword
    Sigil > Spirit Shield
    Broken Barrows > Fixed Barrows
    Draconic Visage > Dragonfire Shield
    Serpentine Visage > Serpentine Helm
    Tanzanite Fang > Toxic Blowpipe

    And you can keep going with all the other items.
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  18. ^ This is basically what I meant
    When I said this :p
  19. How about importing the money making guides from the Wikia into an chart?

    That'd be good for lazy people :3
    You could also add other money making guides into that chart too?

    Or you could make an chart with player made money making guides ;)
    So if you click on one you get to the guide.

    For it to work you guys need to verify the guides and put info such as price per item into consideration!
  20. I would like to see an armour set profit calc - say verac set is 3.1m but splitting and selling individual items for their max is making 3.3m; or vice versa. so making items into sets to make profit.
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