General Deadman Tips and Tricks


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Got a little tip or trick which doesn't warrant its own thread? Add it in here!

1) In case of a bank raid, store excess cash in a high value, easy to sell item. Cash cannot be safeguarded, but an item can!

2) When saving skills save only those which will help you to regain profit and wealth quickly, in deadman mode it's all about the money!

3) Training inside a player owned house will grant almost no XP, however, will be completely safe if on private and offline.

4) All rooftop agility courses are high risk, even if in a safe area!

5) You can still use items in your house even if you lose your construction level.



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toy mouse should be bloody great xp esp if pre nerf either way good way to start off agility


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another tip i so forgot to get to varrock from lummy need axe (maybee knife hafta confirm i had both in inv) outside lummy castle near goblin hut there is beefy bill he will teach you canoe you chop thet tree its near water he tells you and the 2nd boat it will take you to just outside barb village not far from gertrudes house 20 second walk to V