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Frost dragons

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Pepsi, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. This is a well known method and quite simple if you have the recommended levels.
    Required stats are 85 dungeoneering and decent combat levels.
    Recommended stats would be 83+ herblore with the use of emissary banner to get a +2 boost to create super antifires which require 85 herblore. Tier 80 weapons or higher may be useful to speed up kills for efficient money making.
    The normal items which you should pickup from frost dragons should be frost dragon bones and water talismans and the use of a beast of burden or magic notepaper can be used to carry more bones per trip. Food and potions can be used to make sure the trip lasts longer to be able to collect more drops
  2. Are they still packed or have they died down?
  3. i think they have died down due to lava strykeworms as searing ashes are worth more. Also if you go in legacy mode with chaotic maul you can 2 hit them
  4. I might try to kill some soon then ^.^ have back up money for bonds. Thanks :)
  5. Yeah I've been there a few times, its good.
  6. Thanks for this, will try it out.
  7. I've heard bots are back at frosts, is that true?
  8. The bots are slowly creeping back into frosts
  9. I havent had a problem with bots as of recent
  10. The bots are real.
  11. I used this method and made mega bank whilst getting all 99 combats ! I highly recommend this because dung doesn't take long to do at all :D:D:D
  12. I checked earlier but it was filled with bots, couldn't get to do any killing.

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