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From lv 1 - 30 atk/def/str & 1m profit

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by xcedricplays, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone!
    Here is a great guide on how to start a new character and within a few hours have 1m to start flipping. You will also gain around lvl 30 atk/def/str doing this.

    So let's get started!

    Members world
    The Blood Pact Quest (takes 5 minutes to complete)

    Get started
    First of all you need to head to Lumbridge (you can teleport there).
    Once you are there follow this path:


    Now you wanna talk to Xenia and get the quest The Blood Pact. It is a very easy quest, and takes 5 minutes to complete. Will also give you some starter weapons.

    Complete the quest and then go back into the Catacombs.
    Once there, head to the last room and go down one of the 2 stairs.
    Now head down the stairway south.

    Here begins the fun part!
    Now you wanna follow the path, until you see Spiders (lv. 4)
    Kill these Spiders and collect their Spider Silk.


    When your inventory is full, teleport back to Lumbridge.
    Follow this path to the nearest bank:


    Bank all your spider silk, and go back into the catacombs and kill more Spiders.
    You wanna do this until you reach lv. 15 atk/def/str.

    Okay, so now you got lv. 15 atk/def/str and some spider silk in your bank. Go ahead and sell those Spider Silk at the GE (Grand Exchange) and buy some new weapons & armor.

    You can teleport to Varrock.
    You will find the GE just North from Varrock teleport stone.


    To use the GE you need to get an introduction from Brugsen Bursen. He's located at the entrance to the GE holding a megaphone. After that go sell your Spider Silk and buy lv. 15 armor & weapons, then head back to Lumbridge and down to the Spiders.

    Time to make moneys!
    Okay, so now comes the real money making part. Follow the path once again, until you see alot of Purple Bats. You wanna kill these and collect their Batwings. These sell for alot on the GE. (3-4000 ea)
    Also collect Water Talisman since it's over 11k on the GE.


    You wanna stay here until you hit lv. 30 atk/str/def and by that time you should have collected around 300 Batwings. Sell these for a profit of 1m or more.

    You wanna bank the Batwings the same place you banked the spider silk.
    I'll recommend taking food with you when you kill Bats.
    Buy new weapons & armor once you hit the required lvl.

    Hope you enjoy!
  2. Isn't this RS3?
  3. Moved to correct section
  4. Thanks! my bad
  5. got me all excited for 07 :)
  6. omg 1m in 30min thats nice.
  7. It should take longer to get 1m. but i guess you can be very lucky with the Batwings drop :D
  8. nice never knew that...
  9. Sounds very slow IMO.
  10. Wow!, wonderful guide thanks for this mate!
  11. Not really a great method for money, but i would recommend going to the trolls north of Burthope to train
  12. cool guide! didnt know about this before, will try on my new account
  13. Thanks for share. Looks interesting. :)

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