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Free Supporter Rank - Give us your suggestions!

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Ryan, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,

    As many of you may have seen on stream today, I mentioned that we may be making both the Alch for Profit and the Herblore for Profit for Supporter's only for the soul purpose of forwarding the site financially with more charts (a mixture of free and paid till cash flow is not an issue/development takes a break).

    However, this project was never intended with a 'grab-all-the-cash' mentality, thus I want to offer FREE Supporter ranks to users of this community who put the effort in to get it, this is where you come in.

    Q: How should we give out free supporter to users?

    Post your answers in this thread and the team will be choosing some to use for this project for the foreseeable future!

    Please note: I will always show charts on stream at times, and give out free supporter ranks!
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    Eh, I do not really alch or use herblore at the moment, so it won't apply to me personally.

    However, I am curious if it is possible to add some sort of way for users to search through the tables in ways such as:
    • By x number in category 1,2,3, etc (could leave empty to ignore any parameters entered)
    • Between number_one & number_two (ex: "searching for items sold in the past hour that had 1,000 - 10,000 purchases
    Just two I can think of at the moment that I would pay for. Love the chart, but would love it even more if I'm able to search for certain values whilst sitting at G.E.


    Read thread wrong, but agree with most of Kylee's points.
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    I think it should be something that not everyone can achieve right away but rather takes some time so you show dedication to the site.
    I think like "x" amount of posts / comments as well as "x" amounts of likes gotten / given would be suitable because your posts would have to be quality as well as quantity.

    Edit: I think another suitable thing would be when your account was created as well as how long much time you've spent online (if that is tracked).
  4. Donate x amount of burnt food ;)
  5. I agree with what @Chaaazza wrote in the thread: Support Rank - Thoughts?
    Though I also like the idea of "x" amount of likes.
    I would suggest that the postcount would as chaz said would be set at 150 and that the likes required would be around 20.
    This would give people a goal within the community and yes there might be people who would try to force their postcount and likes up with multiple accounts etc. etc.
    Well that's what we in the staff team are here for.
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  6. The only concern with a post-count requirement would be unnecessary spam on topics.
    A support rank is given to somebody who has supported the admins in their goals to keep this website updated and active. Having a high post-count doesn't support the admins, it would only create a false image on the activity of that member (arguable).

    Somebody who deserves a support rank needs to be well trusted with admins, as well as somebody who is knowledgeable with item merchanting and helpful around the forums.
  7. Eh, I was personally thinking about Forum-related stuff that supports the site in a way (e.g Guides, graphics, banners, suggestions/feedback etc.), as that would apply the most to the actual support rank. With that being said, it might be hard to judge when someone is eligable for the free rank because the quality of guides/graphics and all that varies a lot.
  8. I believe it should be based a few factors.

    *User Activity
    - How often the user is online
    - How long has the user been with the website, along with how much of that time he/she has been active.
    - Is the user creating his/her own threads? Or is he/she just trying to boost his/her post count.
    - Post count ~ Is the user just posting short messages all the time, or is he/she asking questions or actually trying to be involved in the conversation.

    *Forum involvement
    - Is the user trying to make a difference in the community.
    - Is the user trying to better the community by helping other members.
    - Is the user giving feedback and suggestions on how to make things better.

    I believe all of this should be looked over before considering giving anyone the rank. I left out exact numbers on post counts and the time you have been with the site because I believe that should be unknown. I believe only mods/admins should know that information, that way you don't have people trying to boost there post counts etc. I also think it shouldn't necessarily be an easy thing to receive. Since it is free, you should have to work pretty hard to get it, and be pretty involved with the community. Also it think you should have some time under your belt. If people don't feel like working for it then they can just buy it.

    Also I think some bonus factors that would help when you were making your decision is how manny new members the user has recruited. Although not a mandatory thing, I think it would just be a plus when considering someone.

    Thanks about all I got. Everyone might not agree with me but these are just my personal opinions.:)
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  9. Well the people we have on the site as of now are not people who write shortass messages just to boost their PC, we had some of those and these people learned their leasons, Consider we are 12 Staff Members and there is almost always someone online. This meaning that basically nothing slips pasts our eyes and ears, I personally think that I have looked through about 90% of all content within the site and i believe my staff team is around those numbers aswell.

    Well this seems logical, but as you say wes, who is to judge? The Staff? Nhaa i don't think so.
    But lets look at it this way, if a user has gotten lets say 25Likes, isnt it then pretty likely that the user have been doing something for those likes?

    This carlo, doesn't seem at all like a bad idea at all, though we need to consider different things.
    There is not a "User has been online for so long" we can only make asumptions based on registration date and postcount.
    And again how do we judge if the user is making a difference in the community.
  10. As for my part; maybe it's something supermods/us could look into when it comes to handing out the actual rank, I just don't feel like a set amount of likes/posts/activity is going to cut it. I just want to avoid people whoring for likes/posts/activity or anything else that has no depth or doesn't help the community in any way other than some Forum activity or a self-proclaimed "being liked".
  11. As for "user has been online for so long" I think there is a quite simple way to judge that. You can see the date the account was created right? If so you can scroll through his/her posts and look for how often that user posts, and how often that user makes new threads etc. If you can see the date each post/new thread was made that gives you a good idea how active the member is.
    To adress the fact "how do you judge if a user is making a difference" I believe that is quite simply as well. First let me say this.
    There is almost always an admin/mod online at any given time.
    I'm assuming they are some of the most active members online. For the most part. So like you said you know just about everything that goes on around here. So whenever any of them feel they might see someone who is worthy, they can start the process of doing what I have previously said. Those were just a few guide lines. So that admin/mod does his research on the user. If after all his research is done he still feels that user is worthy he contacts other admins/mods and asks them what they think about giving the rank to said user. If the majority of them agree then there's your answer to the question above. Is this user making a difference or not. They are obviously doing something right if multiple admins/mods see fit that user gets the rank. So once it's decided you take it to Ryan. Unless he doesn't want to be bothered with it, he probably is always busy. If not to Ryan take it to the highest admin/mod. If he sees it fit for that user to receive it then there you go.
  12. Possibly make the OSRS chart a bit more simple to read, it took me a while to understand but im new to flipping so it could just be me, but could be a little more noob friendly will help our community grow
  13. -Is the user trying to make a difference in the community.
    - Is the user trying to better the community by helping other members.
  14. I think you should give out support content to people who stay very active even after the 5 post limit to get the charts and stuff
  15. post count or???? maybe refer a friend?
  16. Monitor the forums and see who is actively providing reasonable and relevant suggestions on how to improve things

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