Free Construction XP - 20k XP/HR for Free!

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  1. Free Construction XP - 20k XP/HR for Free!

    5 Mining, a player owned house, buckets (you will fill them with water), Saw and a hammer.
    As always, this is deadman mode. Food is recommened.

    Step 1: Get a house that is located in Rimmington.
    Step 2: Mine clay in the mining spot at Rimmington.
    Step 3: Head to the town square, use your buckets on the well to get buckets of water.
    Step 4: Use the buckets of water on the clay to make soft clay.
    Step 5: Head into your house, make sure to build clay fireplaces.
    Step 6: Remove the fireplaces, and repeat.

    This guide is not meant to be the most efficent and fast way to train constuction, but its a very quick and easy start with the 5x xp and it saves you making a bunch of planks and having to wait for 10 second timers constantly with teleports.

    Hope you liked this guide! Leave a comment if you did!​
  2. Not bad was decent during the first few days not this will just get you killed, Even if you've got nothing in the bank.
  3. Thanks, this guide helps a lot for construction

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