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Flips from the old days

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by abc, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Flips starting from 2009 all the way to the end of 2011. Not sure if this is the right place for these pictures. Anyway, starting with the oldest.

    600k profit from dragon boots, you gotta start somewhere.

    1 Year later, flipping some bigger things.
    Nearly 7m profit.

    Possible money making method in oldschool? This may have only worked because of restricted trade at the time.

    Phats were cheap!
    This is soon after restricted trade was removed.
    Blue phats were buyable in ge. It didn't last long.
    9m margins on divine. Ignore the 5m loss on the purple phat. :p
    I almost exclusively flipped divines, these are some of my biggest flips.

    I got the vambs from a clue lol.

    Some nice margins on torva.

    Some of my final flips. I quit playing shortly after this time.
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  2. Damn nice bro
  3. Wow, nice work in the good ole days ;)
  4. damn nice work bro
  5. very impressing :0
  6. looks sick man
  7. keep oit up mate
  8. Brings back so many memories ;(
  9. Nice, good times ;)
  10. damn that is impressive
  11. very nice profits youve got there
  12. Damn. Does anyone know if divines still work in rs3?
  13. @Jufari Everything still flips on rs3, but everything is like 1/10 the price it used to be even a couple years ago.
  14. Damn man! You always seem to be rich and doing big flips! Senpi notice me!
  15. How many cups of tea did you end up getting?
  16. This is great to see. I miss those times :QQ:
  17. Damn I miss those times. Nice
  18. Those divines though! Reminds me of when I had mine + torva. Good times. :D
  19. guthix mjolmar or something was the shiiit back in the days buy for 200 sell for 30k
  20. Good times back then

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