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Flips for Brand New Items!

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by Kthai, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Just found the screenshot when these were first released. Almost instant flips..... majority under 2-3 mins or literally instant. Bout an hour afterwards they dropped 5m which thankfully I stopped by then. Had more flips with same items but those are just some of the screenshots. I had some with the ballista pieces when they first came out as well but I must find the screenshot... Also am trying out some flips with heavy ballista, amulet of torture, necklace of anguish and other new items after they've stablized a little bit more. Because they've been fluctiating too much for my liking. Will hopefully post those soon once I get good flips.
    *New Items = Very High Risk/Very High Reward*

    instant 2.png

    Sniped! (somewhat :p) instant.png

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