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Flipperino Threaderino

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by Fraparino, Mar 27, 2015.

    • How much cashstack do you flip with?
    I flip with 20m+ cashstack. I don't like to liquidate my whole bank to flip. I also have ~25m worth of items that I'm waiting for them to rise. (Been waiting awhile.. :()​
    • What does the colours mean?
    If the name of the ITEM is RED it means the flip/merch didn't go as planned. Basicly it's a warning sign for next time I try to flip it if I ever do.
    If the name of the ITEM is
    YELLOW it means that the margin was good but was too slow or couldn't buy out the limit.
    If the name of the ITEM is
    BLUE it means that item was merched overnight.

  1. Nice share man, Im going to try a few of these items when i get home!
    Nice logs btw!
  2. nice work
  3. Thanks guys!
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  4. Loving the layout! Keep up the good work man!
  5. I never tried RS3 flipping. Hmmm. Maybe one day soon I'll try it ^.^
    Nice job of the profit and your layout is clean :) GL
  6. very nice thanks
  7. As Vice said above, I'm loving how clean you made it look. Good idea color coding it to make it more informative for when you look back later. I'm going to try and apply that to my flipping log in the future.
  8. Very nice layout. maybe i'll use it XD
  9. very nice! i think i just might use this lol hopefully i can get more than a mil a day ;c
  10. Awesome man!
  11. Sweet merch man :D
  12. Thanks everyone! I'll update when I get time, I could barely play RS this couple weeks.
  13. lotta profit
  14. nicely done man!
  15. Nice, Ill try some items on the list :)
  16. sweet layout mate keep it up
  17. One big update coming up!
    Here, if you see the name of the ITEM is PURPLE it means it was an investment not an actual flip.

  18. Thanks man, i think it will help :)
  19. Sick layout

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