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fliping Tools

Discussion in 'Lets Flip General' started by Icebear, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. any good tool that help fliping?
  2. This site seems to have some decent tools on it's own. It's more of a "luck of the draw" kind of thing when it comes to flipping though.
  3. We are working on new tools, possibly including a download (users choice to use) for a local version of the site.
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  4. great
  5. That would become very helpful for new people like me
  6. Some basic tools:

    Notepad - to write down prices/margins for items
    OSB Exchange - a quick google search "Os Buddy Exchange" will bring you to the page. It shows the prices of items being bought and sold (Not always 100% accurate obviously) As well as the price changes over weeks, months, etc. (I think it isn't always accurate because I assume it gathers data from people that use the OSB client and possibly can't gather information about buying and selling offers from people using the original client such as myself)
    Calculator - to find margins
    This website
    Also googling items GE limits are very helpful. I think this website has most items GE limits, but IIRC I saw an item that had an incorrect ge limit. (Was some Barrows item that said the limit was 10, meanwhile barrows items have GE limit of 8)

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