Fishing after death - 100k+ p/hr semi-afkable

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  1. This method I have been using for awhile now after I die since I usually have all my valuables stolen, for this method you need fishing and cooking protected.

    Step #1:
    Obtain 60+ Fishing & Cooking (Higher fishing helps out so you can always wait till 70+ to start)
    • Levels 1-20 - Shrimp
    • Levels 20-60 - Fly Fishing

    Step #2:
    Head to port sarim and purchase a lobster pot, people usually don't take shit items like this so your fine as long as your bank has other valuable goods.

    Step #3:
    Make your way to catherby/any other lobster location and start fishing

    Step #4:
    Cook all the lobsters and head to varrock west, begin to sell the lobsters for easy money, much more than any other skill would have got you including thieving.
  2. its great money, every time i die, i fish for 20 minutes and am basically fully regeared
  3. Tried this and got pretty good money results
    1. Cool, thank you for the tip! I figured woodcutting would do the trick, but I'll switch to fishing then.
  4. will have to try this. i never thought of using fishing and cooking to get my money back
  5. I know this is late but does this method still work?
  6. Not so good method there is better money making guide

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