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First day flipping proggress

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mustafa, May 16, 2015.

  1. First day flipping i started with a 6m stack flipped dark bows made 400k out of them then flipped cannon sets and made 250k then serp helms made around 400k i made all of that in 1-2 hours :)
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  2. nice progress man!
  3. Welcome to the world of Flipping and Merching :D
  4. its addictive beware
  5. I tried dark bows but they didnt work well for me ='c
  6. Why can't I make this much money in such a short time flipping? :(
  7. Don't worry Vambraces, I'm making slow progress to :(
    Impressive feat though Mustafa.
  8. That's nice! Keep it up it only gets better.
  9. Im having no luck on Dark Bows myself =/
  10. Nice, I'm hoping to have some success once I start!
  11. Im hopeless at flipping lol
  12. Well done, keep it up and get some more!
  13. Be picky with your items, don't do high risk until you know what your doing.. Have you tried decanting?
  14. Nice job mate! If you keep going like that each day you'll gain over 30million a month!
  15. hella nice man, wish i can just merch enough to buy a bond for 07
  16. Good job man! Keep it going, wish i had profit like that
  17. Take some screenshots as well! :D
  18. I hope I can get in the bases of making some decent money flipping would be really nice!

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