Finally got a few kills in deadman mode :D

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    First one which i remembered to take a screen shot of had such an unusual bank but decided to skull in catherby bank but i managed to get a few decent things from his person such as the black dhide, power ammy and the magic shortbow

    Second kill which is took a screen shot of was a random level 12 training at lumbridge who decided to skull so i one hit him and got a decent amount of loot for a level 12

    Hopefully i can manage to get a few more kills in the future which i can remember to screenshot OrzoH
    which i will upload here

    Another kill but i accidentally banked the loot before the screenshot but i know i got 3k cash from his bank totalling 70k cash, a few diamond bolts, some rune arrows and a games necklace. But the addy full helm,red dhide, bone cbow, runes and the bolts was the main loot from killing him :3
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  2. [​IMG]
    Random guy at hill giants skulled, he managed to get to draynor before i killed him and i got some stuff which will help me rebuild again :D
  3. not so good after that all time
  4. Good in that you got the kills and didn't die my friend, that's what matters. :)
  5. top loot will sub if u make vids
  6. Ah! The Deadliest Of All Nuts approves of your killing. The loot may seem underwhelming, however it's the joy of spilling of innocent blood that matters at the end of the day.

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