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Fast Money (Easy)

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by Chumaly, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys!

    Have seen alot good tips but my favourite is still Purple Dye 1000Gp and Black Cape 200Gp and then selling Purple Cape for 2000gp 800Gp profit :)

    Does some one have a better one for a beginner with 100k?
  2. Black platebody (t) is worth a try, i was buying them for 6k and flipping for 20k very easily - have a look at different trimmed items perhaps. Hope this helps.

    Oh one more - bronze wire. I was buying the bars for 174gp and selling the wire for 1k each, took a little while but i did it overnight.
  3. You can also try flipping Bread and Limestone Bricks. I used to profit 70+ GP from each Limestone Brick and sometimes over 200 coins on pieces of bread. On my dummy account I made over 8M GP from these two items alone in two weeks. I haven't seen the margins of the items recently, but you can maybe give them a try!
  4. Jug of Water is another good item to flip. Buy 13k (max limit) for lowest offer every four hours. I was making around 12 gp profit per a Jug of Water. They buy and sell really fast as well.
  5. Buy items in the shantypass shop, bank them there and sell them on the grand exchange.
    They sell cheap items like jug of water, ropes, bowl of water etc.
  6. Yeah but it depends on the buy offers at that time :/
  7. nice mate. i like little pockets in the market like this that you can dig your hands into.
  8. Jugs of water were great, i used to sell em couple weeks ago for 130 ea, bought em 100 ea. but price fell down and margin is little right now
  9. maybe big bones
  10. Buying blue skirts at varrock can be decent start-up money for fresh accounts.
  11. I've always had good luck flipping str ammys as f2p
  12. Wait, you can dye capes?? been playing for 8 years and never known this
  13. same lmao it reminds me of the fake trimming armour scam
  14. Thanks for the tips!
  15. Great idea! trying this now.
  16. When i was f2P, i was flipping leather and all kinds of armour ;) u can start with adamant or green dragonhide ;)
  17. It seems like mostly a waiting game
  18. Keep in mind any item mentioned in a thread will eventually depreciate in value, so in the end you really just have to find one on your own.
  19. never knew you could dye capes.. been played over 8 years wow.
  20. Thnx for the awesome tips folks :).

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