farming worth it?

Discussion in 'Deadman Mode General Discussion' started by Dance4Master, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    since about a week I've been playing deadman mode (don't play normal RS, only flip). As i'm still rather poor in Deadman I thought I'd simply start with woodcutting, then i noticed there are no yews in safe zones (varrock yew trees are gone).

    Do you people think It's worth doing farming with the seeds at very high prices and most spots not in safe zones.

    currently I'm just chopping and planting the seeds I have in falador, varrock and lumbridge. Having the problem that they decease once in a while because I can't protect them.

    Would like to hear some opinions :)

    (once i have 75 farming once i can plant a magic tree which will stay forever)

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