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FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'General Information' started by Sky, Mar 25, 2015.

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    FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions
    FAQ or "Frequently Asked Questions" is a series of often asked questions which has a specific firm answer.
    The point of the page is to remove too many questions, so please check the FAQ list for your question before asking anywhere else.

    Postcount FAQ
    Post count requirements have been removed to access to flipping chart, therefore this part of the FAQ is no longer needed.

    Flipping FAQ
    A: Flipping is when you buy an item at a "Low" price margin and set it for sale at a "High" margin right after you bought it.
    A: Not exactly.
    When Flipping you sell the item you buy nearly right after you bought it, with merching your risking a whole lot more because your holding on to the items you buy and hope that the price of the item will rise.

    Other FAQ
    Lets Flip or lets-flip.com is not a clan, we are a community interested in flipping and merching within RuneScape. We simply offer a service that anyone freely can use.

    We do not force prices in any way or try to manipulate with prices in any way.

    Couldn't find what you were looking for?
    Then try and browse our Helpdesk or ask your question there.
    When you ask a question please be sure to fill in the subject with a proper name instead of subjects as "help" that way when someone see your thread they will instantly know if they can help you, just by looking at the name of the thread.

    Feel like something is missing?
    Feel free to throw me or another staff member a PM.

    Content is to change, so keep yourself updated.
    Last updated: June 30th / 15
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