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F2P G.E Only Account Progress

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by NCP, Jul 4, 2015.


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  1. #1 NCP, Jul 4, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2015
    Hey guys,
    I've recently created a F2P G.E Only account and I thought I might share my progress with you :).
    I've never really been any good at flipping/merching (or making money) so this should interesting.
    - Not allowed to leave the Grand Exchange (obviously)
    - Can pick up burnt fish/meat but not allowed to sell it (idk I have a burnt food fetish or something)
    - I am allowed to do Random Events
    - I can make the money the following ways:
    - Kill imps (or NPCs that spawn in the G.E)
    - Cut trees (inside the G.E)
    - Flip
    - Random Events
    Goals: (may change in the future (suggestions would be nice))
    - 20M Cash
    - 99 Firemaking
    - 99 Cooking
    - 99 Magic (maybe)
    - 99 Crafting (maybe)

    Feel free to hit me up in-game if you want: 'F2Flip'
    I will be updating this thread (or posting below) with progress.
    Current Net Worth: 1.15m(if overnight flips go as planned)
    Stats: (nothing special)
  2. Best of luck with your goal, will be quite hard to achieve those stats but never give up :)
  3. Yeah, I've realised that it's going to take a long time :( Thanks for the support.
  4. Good luck man! :D
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  5. You can also train prayer and magic....Just saying, but good luck
  6. Prayer's going to be a huge pain, since he will be making little compared to Members.
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  7. Oh crap, forgot it's f2p......Yo get 7 mil buy, a bond = GG
  8. 7M is RS3. kappa
  9. Yeah, I don't think I'm even going to bother with prayer kappa
    Thanks for the support guys. :D
  10. People underestimate F2P flipping. I guarantee that you will find some really good items to flip. I remember on Reddit a while ago, someone doubled their bank from flipping Hard Leather.
  11. I've had some pretty good flips recently, I had an item with a 1.7k margin that was pretty stable however lots of Items I find take ages to buy/sell. But I agree there is lots of potential to make money with F2P flipping.
  12. I love F2P because I was one for a very long time, this will be fun to follow!
  13. Damn 99 wc on regular trees, gl on that ;)
    the cash stack is the easiest part of your goals :D
  14. 99 firemaking with willow logs max will be killer man, good luck though i like the idea
  15. Good luck bro, what's your home world?
  16. Update this I'm wondering how your progress is going!
  17. Cool concept, how would you train your magic tho?
  18. Looking forward to the YouTube series!
  19. Cannot wait to see how this goes.
  20. Goodluck mate, You'll ace it ;)

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