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F2p Flipping

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Too Blue, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. I was able to flip from 100k-20m on f2p using odd rares :)
  2. Really? What rares and how long did it take you?
  3. this is very inspiring stuff, i hope i can do the same
  4. Wow, yeah I wish I could do this as well.
  5. I am a f2p flipper aswell and your story gives me hope haha.
  6. Were they instant flips or was it a while before they resold?
  7. keep it up, someday you'll be flipping with the big boi's
  8. Lol the most i ever did with f2p flipping was buying feathers for 2 gp ea and then selling for 4 and like iron ore haha was always too scared to try and flip rates haha nice job!
  9. good luck bois. i hope you achive . i am with you . you are boss
  10. May you tell us what exactly you flipped, could help us F2Pers in the long run. :)
  11. damn im gonna start flipping on my 2nd account to buy bonds lets see if i can match u
  12. i just started flipping in f2p, that gives me hope that i can succed lol
  13. that gives me hope to keep flipping f2p, i hope i can make a good progress too.
  14. Yeah I guess I can be as cool as you are
  15. good luck man hope you will be rich soon :D
  16. Thats some really good stuff, congratulations for being able to make the most of the rare prices.
  17. Why u no post explaination alanARGH
  18. Any more explanation? Or just a random claim?
  19. f2p merching is so much harder then p2p cuz of the lack of good COMMON items
  20. Agreed. P2P has loads of more items. Totally worth it if you're going to flip much.

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