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F2P Flipping Help

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Socksforhire, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. I'm new to the whole idea of flipping, I've been doing what little I could over the course of the last few days and haven't seen much of a profit. I'm trying to make enough money to buy a bond so I could have access to better items but it's slow going.

    The majority of my flipping has been oak logs, And the profit has been steady, but slow. I've only just passed 300k gp. Is there any advice from more professional people about what I'm doing wrong or how to get a solid enough start to buy my way into membership bonds?
  2. Bump. I was just lucky enough to find myself in a drop/hide and seek/trivia party and got an (est) 900k to bolster what I have now. One piece of advice I heard was flipping rune armor sets. I still need all the advice I can get, though. Any pros out there that can help?
  3. Leave here or PM me your username and I can add you in-game.
  4. Going as Socksforhire. I've gotten down some of the basic stuff thanks to another player, guy explained stuff to me for a few hours over teamspeak, so I've got a better working knowledge. even gave me an extra mil to help me along. I'm still having a bit of trouble putting it into practice, though. So I welcome any more help
  5. Could use all the help i can get. Add Got U in game if you have tips please!

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