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Easy Ranged XP (or defence)

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by bburg321, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Buy red chins, get good gear. Go to the abyss (entrance in wildy just north of GE, teleport the mage). Find the corner in the southwest, stand there and watch the carnage.
  2. Also get void with 85 range+ with blowpipe and mith bolts+ at nmz with prayer pots and overloads at nmz and you make around 120k xp range per hour with half the price of chinning
  3. another place that you can go to is druids is the desert, there is a guy that will un note food for you and you can stay there for pretty much fro ever- also if your an ironman or really cheap you can use bone bolts with the drog in something crossbow
  4. what was the xp rate with chinning in abyss?
  5. great tip man, thanks for the idea !
  6. id be sketched out taking the walk out there :p
  7. Could someone tell me or give me a tip how can I train 60-70range please? :)
  8. great tip man, thanks for the idea !
  9. Awesome tip, thank you for sharing, dude!
  10. Thank you! I was looking for a method just like this, it's going to be awsome getting massed ranged exp, her I come 99 range!
  11. okay awesome thanks heaps :D

    ~ yours sincerely Alberto Del Rio
  12. great way to get your pouches too

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