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easy fetching money maker

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by aaraon20, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. so this is an easy easy EASY money maker and all u need is 30 fetching and if u don't have any cash no worries all u need is 30 woodcutting

    with cash you'll need about 200k or u can have less this is just recommended so u can gt about 10k worth of willow logs willows go for about 20 gp each and surprising ppl do sell them so i do recommend u pick them up next u just fletch them into arrow shafts they make about 25 each log 25 X 10k = 250k and arrow shafts gor for 6 gp each on the ge right now thats 1.5M once u manged to sell all of them thats a net gain ofr 1.48M if u think im wrong which i might have done the math on this wrong u can check

    now if ur broke but have a high fletching and and high wc u can just cut down a inv full of willows fletch them and just rinse and repeat until u either have enough to just get enough you cna just buy them or just eep repeating the process to gain a the money but a full inv nets u about 4.2k

    have fun :)
  2. Pretty sure arrow shafts can only be done from regular logs.
  3. You makearrow shafts out of any logs on rs3 its osrs u can only make shafts out of regular logs, if u don't believe me try it
  4. thanks this will help me im going to try it right now
  5. Glad I could be helpful, I'm about to get som e screenshots for uexpect here sokn
  6. this would take ages though no?
  7. Yea takes along a long time to fletch 10k worth but if ur just looking for quick cash the just get a smaller amount either way I'll make a way bigger profit then u would fletching anything else
  8. whats the average time this would take?
  9. Hmmm, this doesn't seem like a super profitable way to make money.
  10. regular logs cost 152gp ea. willows are 22 ea. since people farm so much willows while woodcutting
  11. Ok, that sounds alot better :p
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  12. Buy the feathers and buy the arrow shafts you save more money that way and make more of a profit.

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