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Discussion in 'Player held Events' started by Jaaaboo, Jul 25, 2015.


Would you like drop party events?

  1. Yes

    24 vote(s)
  2. Nope

    5 vote(s)
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  1. Was wondering if there was some rich nice-guy who had in mind to have a drop party for the hobo members :3?
    i would love to have a drop party of my own but i simply dont have the money for it and since there are no drop-party worlds anymore....
  2. i would LOVe a drop party haha hopefully someone does one soon
  3. I'm down to get some free items!
  4. I would love to see a drop party, it just reminds me of the good days when everyone would camp in the party room all day in hopes of good items!
  5. Same don't see anything happening in the party room these days
  6. I miss the days when the party room was up in seers!
  7. Come on guys you cant ask a whole community and not be willing to throw items or gold in.
  8. Your asking a community of people who are here purely to make money to the give it away? We don't benefit at all by dropping our GP.. Would you drop your bank as you are potentially "rich" to some players?
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  9. Haven't been to any good drop parties and have been playing since the 06 era. Hopefully someone comes through!
  10. Yea sure would be nice with a Drop Party, but i'd prefer it to be in the Falador Partyroom:)
  11. anyone found a drop party yet? ;)
  12. Who wouldn't lol, but who's gonna suffer?
  13. Only way this would work is if everyone chipped in like 100k, 200k etc and gave it to somebody trustworthy (admin/mod) and then they bought the items for the drop party.
  14. Isn't there a drop party world? If you go to the oldschool world select there is one that says drop parties, though it could be empty. I would also like free st00f :p
  15. I miss the old school drop party those were the best.
  16. I'd be down to do one, once I gain more cash on my account.
  17. If people would be up for it, i could host it and eventually people would trade me different items for it and then we would find a date or several dates to hold it, that way we could organize it smoothly so everyone has a chance of bringing something to the cake and enjoy it afterwards in a huge Drop Party.
  18. fally isnt used anymore would love to bring it back... might be willing to do a drop party in the future ill let you guys know
  19. everyone loves drop parties! nothing better than free money!
  20. damn did i just missed free stuff lol.
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