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Decanting potions. Profit varies. Reqs. NONE.

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Gowoodson, Jul 9, 2015.

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    Easy enough it takes 3 clicks and if you position your screen correctly you never have to move the camera.
    Profit per hour varies because prices for the potions fluctuate and then again there are many potions to decant.

    Profits may vary and sometimes you can make 4k a trip and sometimes you can make 40 coins. Look around and see what works best.
    It takes 4 potions (3) to make 3 potions (4). So use that when you are calculating.
    Step 1: Note all pots.
    Step 2: Walk over to that man standing outside the ring and right click on him and hit decant.
    Profits will vary but can make a lot of start up cash doing it this way.
    Thank you to all the advice and speeding up the guide.

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  2. Do you know you can decant bank note?
  3. If you are being serious I hate you. Not really but I could have swore I tried a while ago and it didn't let me. That would make doing 7k potions so much easier. Time to try when I get home.
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  5. he is deadly serious xD
  6. Haha i saw bornst4r. I looked at his link. And although that is a far walk it sure as hell beats doing about 300 trips back and forth. Thanks man i will revise it and make it a two option thread.
  7. Inb4 @Ryan makes another 1.5M off of Super Strengths.
  8. I'm....pretty damn sure you can decant noted potions in the GE aswel....

    Just saying lol.

    Anyways, yeah that's a good method, you just have to get the calculation right.
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  9. Spot on wesley.. this is what i do xD
  10. I made like 500k from just decanting Super Strength and Restore.
  11. You know you guys just shortened my thread to two steps thank you. And yes you can decant noted pots at the GE also. But the method is still there I will just make it known that you can decant noted pots for a profit.
    And the guide is fixed thank you very much guys.
  12. Decant 5.png
    Just from about 3 minutes of work.
  13. Ugh, the one time I don't decant Super Restores!
  14. What if I made a program that does that for you..... ohhhh
  15. Yeah that would be extremely nice seeing as how telling people to 4/3 or 3/4th something normally does not get the point across easily.
  16. I am telling you just find one that works kill it then find the next and repeat. Made 3m in like 30 minutes doing it. Then none of the potions worked. I keep a list of the ones that work most of the time and just try those out.
  17. you should probably post how to find profitable decants. Its a great idea though.
  18. Great idea, definitely going to try this
  19. what are the best pots to do this?
  20. Interesting why this would work and people don't just decant their own lol

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