Deadman money making guide(early game) made 1m+ with this!

Discussion in 'Deadman Mode Money Making Techniques' started by DMM Help, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Hello, I'm going to share my money making guide as it has given me some success already in such a short time.
    • Train your combat stats to 30 attack strength and defence. Magic/Range is also possible, its up to you.
    • Go to the third floor of the stronghold of securit and camp there.
    • Kill all the level 3s who go for there 10k, build up a nice collection of gold with nearly zero risk.
    This may not work as well as it used too but its still really good, check it out sometime if you don't mind skulling!
  2. Thanks for the guide. Just starting deadman
  3. same as well i think i might start a deadman acc finally so i can prep for the tunryy XD
  4. Just did this but got killed by someone else camping there :p
  5. Thanks this sounds good i hope this will help me make some money :)
  6. This is common sense, u cane make 10k in 5mins, pointless to go to stronghold, seriously.
  7. Thank you, tried it few times and died every time
  8. nice guide to bad that deadman is dead now days, they need to rework that shit

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