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    After playing deadman mode hardcore for a day or two and dying and losing everything i ragequit. That makes me think of how many players will do the same in the first week, will this just be like the release of pvp worlds where ti dies down to a very low player base after awhile. And also, think of in a month or two when people have gwd items, whips, ancients, abyssal weapons. considering bosses like gwd take good stats of more than 2 cmb stats to do effectively that would be a pain to rebuild an account for that. Also for new players coming into the game, there will certainly be people, as soon as they get a dds or ags will just start camping around the edge of lumby and massacring all of the new players. How viable do you think this will be in the future, my personal opinion is that after a month or two after release it will be dominated by clans and then the clans will get bored because everyone else quit so they turn on eachother and everyone leaves.
    That being said, it could also be a unique place to host a clan war, ex) each clan gets 10 people, 5 days to build an acc and then they fight in a certain place. What are your thoughts?

    With the new updates: 25% xp lost when unskulled, hp level locks for a price @ 25/50/75 - this will definitely increase the longevity of the gamemode because you get to keep a bit more to make it worth playing + you can protect another cb skill except for hp making melee viable without having to retrain half of the xp you lost of one of the stats.

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  2. I think it's fair to assume that they will change some things with the skulltimer or w/e if people start camping low levels just for the sake of it.

    Nevertheless, that is the way the gamemode works. It wouldn't be fair or fun in any way if you could only attack people your own level. Clans might dominate but I think it would still be possible to pk in singles and get around places. Safezones are also still there which are easily accessable with teleports.
  3. I feel the main thing they could add is 'Low level' safe areas, so for example, catherby or seers should have a 5 above or 5 below rule, not 3-126
  4. The pvp mechanics are solid, jujst thinking about longterm health of the game. Most likley clans will have best training spots locked down.
  5. I do worry about this, the clans will keep progressing while others are rebuilding which eventually will make them invincible. Plus collective wealth of a clan means if one goes down then the rest can quickly rebuild him
  6. Yea, the new update resduced the rebuild time though.

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