Deadman Mode skill safety guide

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  1. Ok so anyone who's played Deadman mode will know that the areas of runescape are now classified as safe-high risk. This means that certain skills fall into areas that are deemed too risky for how worthwhile the skill is, so here's my list of the safety rating/rewards for each skill.

    Woodcutting - Generally safe, although you won't be able to access all trees (magics) and Yews will be crowded in the safe areas. Although combined with fletching and alching could definitely be a good money making method in the early days.

    Farming - Almost no safe areas, great for money but ultimately not worth the risk.

    Fishing - Due to the speed of fishing (very slow) and where the areas for fishing are located, this skill is very risky, and alching the output is very low moneywise, it's generally not worth it. Also clans are poaching catherby for the easy fishing targets.

    Smithing - One of the safest of all skills, and a very high profit margin with items produced being in high demand.

    Firemaking - Useless skill, not worth anything other than quests.

    Mining - Slow and very unsafe. One of the most dangerous skill to focus on, potentially high profit, but ultimately too much risk and not enough reward.

    Slayer - This one is a tough one, with proper planning this could be the most lucrative skill, yielding some of the best returns from item drops, however, later levels will be extremely unsafe, and only to be done with caution.

    Hunter - Again, very risky, however, chins and impling drops may (in some cases) make this skill worth training.

    Fletching - 100% safe, provides a constant stream of arrows for ranged too, coupled with alchemy can also generate a large cash stack.

    Crafting - Depending on the item, could be safe, and profits from jewlery could make this one worth it.

    Theiving - Initially safe, however in later levels will become too high risk for little reward.

    Runecrafting - With so few altars, and all of them unsafe, camping and poaching makes this skill a 100% avoid.
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