Deadman mode Easy Money - 20 thieving req

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  1. So for those of you who want to get a good amount of starting GP to gear up until you reach high skill levels, this is the guide for you. As the title suggests you need 20 thieving to start this method but that will take you all of 5 mins to achieve, Simply pickpocket men till 15 and then thieve the Tea stall in Varrock until 20.

    Now that you have 20 thieve you have to head to Ardougne (Ar-Doy_n), a simple and safe way of getting here is to take a boat to karamja, then take a boat from brimhaven to Ardougne. when you are here make sure you have an empty inventory and head to the silk stall, it is normally very crowded but you should be able to get into a good rhythm. it is important to note you only want 27 silk this is so you can stack gp in one slot. after you have 27 there is 2 options 1) wait 10 minutes and sell the silk to the silk trader (If this option is chosen choose the 120gp, then the 60gp, options for maximum profit.) Or you can sell the 27 silk to one of the many players buying it for around 1.2 to 1.3K for every 27.

    I reccomend waiting the 10 minutes and selling it yourself as it gives you more GP then simply buy 27 silk for 1.2k from another player and sell to the trader for more than you lost, simply repeat this until you hit your desired ammount.
  2. Awesome guide man. I'm just getting started and this should help with my money woes

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