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Deadman Mode / DarkScape Sections.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ryan, Nov 1, 2015.

    • Deadman Mode section.
    • DarkScape Section.
    • AdBlock detection has been added.
    • Project Wonderful Ads have been removed.
    • Google Adsense adverts have been added to provide monetary support for Lets Flip.
    • Herb for Profit Potions has been made Support Rank only. Grimy - Clean remains free for all users.
    • Promotions added for posting Deadman Mode content.
    • Redesign of OSRS Flip Chart page.
    • OSRS GE Limits have been updated. Still looking to get more items added.
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  1. nice, this looks really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. nice update, keep it up.
    Like to see when good developers get put to use
  3. For sure al ways good to see that
  4. Awesome glad to hear it! Way to put in work
  5. Looking forward to seeing this grow
  6. This'll be good to see. Looking forward to DMM merching
  7. Gonna be awesome! can't wait for this
  8. You seem to do a really good job on maintaining this community.
    GL man!
  9. good I could really use this on deadman mode too that's nice
  10. I love DMM Thanks. I really appreciate it I am also new to this site.
  11. Definitely great for those DMM/DS players.
  12. Nice update! Keep this going :)

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