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Dance4master's road to bill flipping log

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by Dance4Master, Dec 27, 2015.


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    Hello people,

    recently I've made a post in the 'succes stories' that you can read here: http://lets-flip.com/threads/easy-way-to-start.2604/ since then I've vowed to get 1 billion gold. Why? because I can.

    Unfortunatly it's rather hard to actually flip items and logging them as I have multiple accounts. Therefore I'm going to make an excel sheet with prices. When I can I'll show what I've flipped with my history log, however most of the time it's on seperate accounts or it's already out of my history log. So to still help out I'm also going to make a list here. This list will show the items I flip a lot and the speed in which I flip them. For now (25 february 2016) I'm still working on this, I hope to expand it soon.


    Here you can see some of my flips. The green dragonhide is from a F2P account which I gave 2 mil a while ago. Currently it has 6,5m only doing green d'hide sets, not a large profit but I only have to log in once a day.
    Above is one of my member accounts, as you can see I grinded some unicorn horn (bought to high) I'll keep grinding / fletching / crafting stuff which have good margins or when i'm bored.
    With the tarromin I'm also making quite some money, I bought all of them for 88 each as you can see I sold them for 150.

    Most of the items I flip have quite a decent marge (50-10k depending on quantity). Most of them are slow to trade however.
    I'm going to try (always busy) to keep this log up to date. The only problem is of course the fact that I can't share all the items I flip since it'll cripple my marge.

    I hope this will help a lot of players and give them some ideas for some nice trades. :)

    bandos godsword
    zammy godsword
    armadyl godsword
    saradomin godsword
    pegasian boots
    armadyl chainskirt
    armadyl crossbow
    toxic staff
    armadyl chestplate
    bandos chestplate
    bandos tassets
    primordial boots
    spectral spirit shield
    arcane spirit shield
    dragonfire shield (fast: approximate margin: 10-100k margin, takes 1-10 minutes. average margin: 50k)
    rangers tunic
    anti venom
    bandos boots
    mages book
    eternal boots
    armadyl helmet
    dragon axe
    obi cape
    sara sword
    dark bow
    dragon chain
    ring of the gods
    toxic blowpipe
    mystic mud staff
    treasonous ring
    guthan's warspear
    guthan's helm
    guthan's chainskirt
    guthans platebody
    verac's helm
    karil's leathertop
    verac's brassard
    dharok's set
    karil's armour set
    guthan's set

    obi cape
    mud battlestaff
    obsidian maul
    ranarr seed
    snapdragon seed
    ranarr potion unf
    super strength
    super defence
    prayer potion
    magic longb
    yew longbow
    magic longbow
    adamantite ore
    steel bar
    blood rune
    law rune
    nature rune
    combat potion 4
    black chinchompa
    red chinchompa
    mithril bar
    dragon 2h sword
    mpale longbow (u)
    maple longbow
    magic logs
    yew logs
    black dragonleather
    green dragonleather
    raw shark
    cooked karabwams
    uncooked karabwams
    maple logs
    maple longbow
    rune arrow
    willow logs
    oak logs
    dragon bones
    bolt rack
    runite bolts
    maple seed
    wealth 5
    glory 6
    dragon bolts e
    mole claw
    mole skin
    saradomin brew
    stamina potion
    anti venom +
    yew seed
    zul-andra teleport
    dagannoth bones (average margin: 0,5-3,5%. buy time / 1k: 10-60 minutes. sell time: changes (1+ hour average)

    Sorry it's not in order yet, i'm going to systemize it soon and update it. I hope this gives some people an idea to flip
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  2. i'm looking forward to updates, bet it's a nightmare having to keep logging in/out of accounts, i bet your SICK of tutorial island!
  3. well tutorial island isn't the worst part, that's the logging in at the same time to connect :p I simply do 1 tutorial a day and give it some coins. About 10 minutes work.
  4. unfortunatly it'll all not go as smoothly as I had hoped. I just got hacked on my main and lost 25m which is quiet the setback. Especially the 144k tarromin was a big lose.

    thankfully I still have cash left from my other accounts so it'll be all good.
  5. [​IMG]

    Well with a new update comes new fun, unfortunatly I can't show everything as some of the items were out of my history. The Xerician hat bought for 5k. Little note that herbs fluctuate a lot so be carefull when making pots that they do sell.
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  6. wow awesome work capitalizing on this update im drooling at this profit. Wonder how the skilling updates associated with zeah will effect the commodity prices as well.
  7. Juicy brah, simply juice. Keep up the good work mate
  8. looks pretty good, will be looking forward to you going on more expensive items
  9. follow up bro keep this shit up
  10. If you have the herblore level, ranarrs are also a very good chunk of change at the moment when you buy grimy herbs.
  11. Hi there folks,

    As i've been working on some longer term merches I had little to tell without crashing my own marges. So in short I've got two things, 1 is something all merchers should make for themselves to merch easy money effectively. The second is a little experiment I'm trying this week for a week long merch. If it doesn't work i'm going to have to click A LOT, so let's hope it does.

    Whenever new merches (which i was was about 3 months ago) ask me how to start I tell them to try packing up dragonhide, which I started with. The thing I did afterwards was making a daily list. I'm not going to reveal my whole list as I think each person should make one of their own, these however are some basic ones (can buy a lot, other nice ones are arrows / bolts for some quick 10k's) with sandworms to show how good new shop items can be.) It's not all a lot of money but it's fast money.

    For my little experiment I'm going on something that I've noticed for some weeks. That's the prices of herbs dropping down during the week. As i normally AFK some unf potions whilst watching movie I thought let's try buying some during the week. Below you'll see the prices of last weekend. I'm going to try and buy the herbs below 2-3k that have dropped over 300 in the weekend i'll try to sell them at the old price again. If not i'll make them unfinished potions and throw my laptop out of the window as soon as my hand stops hurting.
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  12. Hello again folks, (flip log at the bottom)

    so after my previous post I kept a close tab on the herb prices. To my surprise they were actually more expensive this week then they were in the weekend. As this was the case unfortunatly I did not buy a lot. In stead I tried to start making the real, quick, money.

    With the dragon warhammer update the prices these past few days have been fluctuating a lot (untill it calmed down today). Since this was the case the profit margins were higher then normal. Seeing as i currently don't have 100's of mills I figured my best way of action would be low profit, high speed merches.

    The first thing you need to do for this is start determining your wanted marge. In my case between 200-400k. Afterwards check the history of the item (GE value) and check if the lets-flip price is lower. (to check history of an item use 2007.runescape.wikia) If the item has dropped in the last days and the lets-flip price is lower it's probably still dropping. So to start i started 2 million below the AGS price (which was my to go to item). After every 5-10 minutes I upped the price untill it bought, afterwards it's the normal flipping process of putting it up for more.

    You can just simply buy 1 and sell 1 although this'll cripple 2 of your 8 buying limits in case of AGS.


    All of these were around 5 minutes flips, this is just a small part of what I've done this week, seeing as I now have 5 member accounts I can do 40 of each godsword. This makes it easier to keep flipping without having to check for the right price.
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  13. When buying the ags using your method of working up the price until ut buys, how do you have any idea what margin you can sell for? Osbuddy/LetsFlip charts?
  14. oh hey mate, sorry really late answer. Have been to busy flipping ;).

    There are several ways, you can just check the flip chart but you can also buy 1 for the highest price and sell it for the same price. afterwards you decide your margin and simply wait. Of course you can just 'hard check' the margin buy buying and selling 1. this'll make a loss though and you'll need to flip at least 2 to make a profit.
  15. So it's been a while since my last update. mainly because I've been focussing on slayer and my flips have been all over my accounts (making it hard to log them). However I'm working on something new which i'm going to try to do when I have the time. At the top I've put my current list of favorite items. At the moment the list is not that big yet but i hope it's usefull to some of you.

    In the upcoming weeks / months i'm going to try and make the list higher, with it I'm going to test the flips and put down the speed at which they sell and what the best way is to sell them (with the changing marges it might take a long time if you don't up some items.)

    Although i'd like to go into depth with some items GE patterns I don't think I'll have the time, next to that I'll need to confirm them before I share them (which i'm still trying to do with herbs that have weird fluctuations.)

    For now I'll show you some of my favorites (and oak stocks which have you can sometimes buy for 1 gp and sell for 49).

  16. how long does it to sell 10k oak stocks? Figure it would take ages!
  17. It does but that doesn't bother me. Personally I like to have more then 1 account, every new account besides my 3 "main flippers" I only make member for 2 weeks. after those two weeks I either put items on their selling way overpriced or buy in way underpriced. This way I can just let 'm 'die out' and the offers will eventually buy / sell.
  18. Interesting log mate, some massive flips.. You have the right idea
  19. Damn, nice flips.
  20. Great flips man!

    and nice job adding a list of items too, i can see it helping a lot of people.

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