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Discussion in 'Apply for Staff' started by Dance4Master, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Name: Dance4master
    Country: Gielinor
    Age: 23
    For how long time have you been playing RuneScape?: 1 year login time +/-
    How much time do you spend on runescape on a weekly basis?: Shitload (10-40)
    How much of that time do you also spend on lets-flip.com?: 0 (was dead not so long ago)
    For which role are you applying?: clan chat leader / moderator / whatever you have left
    Why do you think you are just the person to fill that specific role?: I don't but it seems most other people do...
    Other relevant information: Leader of Goldgrinders which is now helping Lets Flip cc to get active again -
    I'm the most brutaly honest person you'll meet
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  2. Saw this in the message box, guy was super helpful in clan chat and gave me some good pointers on starting out. Made me feel welcome to the community.

    I actually assumed he already held a staff position, he's well spoken and well informed.
  3. unofficially i did :) just trying to make it official now ^^
  4. Hey now, don't diss the unofficial staff position ;) . Dance is a pretty cool guy if we're looking for more staff
  5. OrzoChampDance4Mod
    Great Help at Keeping the CC active
  6. I think Dance should become a Mod ive been in this CC for ~~ 2 years he's shown himself not only capable but well suited for such responsibilities. Please consider him az Mod. #Dance2017
  7. Dance is a very kind and helpful member of the cc. Allowing him to be able to give ranks would allow him to further the cc as a community and grow as a clan in general.

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