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dance 4 bonds 150m challenge

Discussion in 'Player held Events' started by Dance4Master, Mar 16, 2016.

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    So are you F2P and do you want a bond? Well here's a fun challenge to get one.

    • You post "I_will_dance_4_you" in this topic if you want to participate.
    • You have less then 10m stack
    • You can choose an item that I will flip (150m worth of that item or 1 week of flipping it, not sure yet).
    • As soon as I get above 1 bond profit with your flips (at these bond prices) you've earned your bond.
    • Anything above that bond we will split 50/50
    • There's a choice to be made, I can either flip or merch (keep item for some time, sell at highest point that week). However I will look for myself if the item is OK.
    • Once 150m total or 1 week has past of flipping I will post the logs (if i've logged it all) here. You can get updates during the week.
    • No complaining, if your flip fails it fails

    Now unfortunatly I can't do this for to many people of course, to keep it fair I will shout out this topic in the clanchat, the first person with a good argument to do the challenge will be the winner (so the faster you reply after starting the more chance you have)

    (if any of the rules above have been broken I will not pay out anything. You will have to show me a picture of your stack. Whatever the reason I can stop this challenge anytime, I will PM you if this happens with the reason and if you will get another shot).

    Note: I don't always have time, If I can't flip for some days during that week do not ask me to flip everytime.
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  2. First challenge starts friday evening. GL everybody.
  3. I_will_dance_4_you

    Ingame name: Airfive
    Cash Stack 4.9m atm
    Free to Play account

    Why you want to partecipate?
    Because I think we can both make money out of it, also it's a nice challenge to test my skill in merching P2P, since all I've done so far are f2p flips. If I get the bond and go p2p that will increase the contribution i can give to ClanChat helping out people not only with f2p item like I'm doing now but with all the items available in game.
  4. I_will_dance_4_you

    Ingame name: S 3 D
    Try grapes , gold amulet (u)
    Cash Stack: 5m
  5. In-game name:SANTI CLAWZ
    Cash Stack: 1.6m
    Super Restore pots or Any Elemental rune If you do the runes you must buy in bulk
  6. This is a great idea!
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    IGN: ASaltRifle
    Cash Stack: 120k lols
    Item: Bandos tassets
    Argument: With two weeks on members I could make enough to have permanent membership as well as possibly loan bonds to other members so they can do the same.
  8. I_will_dance_4_you

    IGN: Dovydas54
    Cash stack: 1.9m
    Item to flip: Karil's leathertop
    Argument to do the challenge: you would help me and yourself.
  9. GN: im delapena
    Cash stack: 1.8m
    Item to flip: dragon bones
    Argument to do the challenge: Enjoying the game, more cash would give me lot more motivation to keep playing.
  10. [​IMG]
    As you can see AsaltRifle won the first, kind of random, challenge. I will contact him on what item is his final choice.
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  11. Some of you may be wondering how it's going, if not ... well leave..., if so i'll tell you. unfortunatly i messed up somewhere which makes the precise profit unknown for me, that's why i've decided to put up the total flips and the approximate average of proit / flip. Next to that i've found the margins at which i can now comfortably buy / sell them overnight.

    I also changed the rules a bit, as i saw 150m was quickly gone whilst flipping i decided not to invest more then 150m at a time. i might however go to 1-1,5 bil worth of total flips depending on the speed / safety of the item.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    total sold: 162 179
    approx margin: 17
    approx profit: 2 757 043
    paid for bond: 2 700 000 (i think)
    split profit for now: 57 043

    As i flip with many accounts these slip ups happen here and there, the total amount i flipped should however stay clear after this.
  12. Looking solid asf! Nice going ^.^
  13. Grats on winning. I wish I entered :p
  14. As the week has almost concluded Asalt decided (or his new, far worse, name whatever -.-') to cash out the winnings. With dmm season coming up the death rune market has taken a turn for the worst as well which forces me to dump my deaths a bit lower to keep my flips up.

    ANYWAY... since the last log i've flipped a lot more deaths on a lot more accounts, here are the results and the payment to the winner, besides that he also got the bond at the start.

    total win: 10.334.533
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  15. A million thanks to Dance for running the contest and helping me out!

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