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Cooking money making - 400k + per hour

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Exetium, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Hey guys
    My first ever post :)
    So I've been doing pineapple pizza's for a few days now and i gotta say the profit is pretty decent for mid level accounts.
    Requirements: 65 cooking, a knife and preferably 100k plus cash stack (you can however, do this with anything upwards of 5k)

    So basically what you want to do is buy pineapples (or grow for even more profit i assume) and plain pizza, remember only buy one quarter the amount of pineapples compared to your pizza for example, if i bought 20 plain pizza's, I would buy 5 pineapples.

    Then you want to cut the pineapple's into pineapple rings by using a knife on the pineapple, each pineapple gives 4 pineapple rings meaning you don't want more than 6 in your inventory at one time. In order to make a pineapple pizza, all you need to do is use (right click and use, NOT EAT - i made that problem a lot) the pineapple ring on the pizza and you have one pineapple pizza.
    Each pineapple pizza currently goes for around 1,015 gp in the ge (it may have varied by the time you are reading), each consists of 1 pineapple ring and 1 plain pizza therefore each pineapple pizza you make, your gaining a profit of around 323 gp plus a bit of cooking xp (45 xp per pizza)
    plain pizza = 659
    Pineapple (4 pineapple rings) = 135
    meaning you can make 1 pineapple ring for 33 gp (135/4)
    Pineapple pizza = 1,015
    659 + 33 = 692
    profit = 1015 - 692
    = 323 gp

    you can make around 1200 - 1500 in an hour meaning you can easily make 400k profit in an hour, this is a great money making method for people who want to grow their cash stack with a bit of clicking :)

    you can always make this faster by sacrificing a bit of profit and buying pineapple rings directly from the ge.

    - Exetium

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  2. Very cool method! Ill definitely give this a try.
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  3. Being quite the cooking fanatic I'm surprised I've never really thought of this. I've been needing a way to get cooking xp on my skiller without losing bank in the process thanks for this.
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  4. i remember doing something like this back in rs3 with anchovipizzas
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  5. I'll try this out thanks man. Do you know if any other methods are better at 96 cooking?
  6. If you have cooking gauntlets you can cook sharks without burning them, you make about 150 ea but it's a lot more afkable and a lot more exp.
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  7. will give this a shot when I get a chance. Cheers for sharing
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  8. what morgano said, i sadly dont have 96 cooking yet so i cant tell you anything but you stop burning everything at 99 with skillcape so maybe sharks or manta ray or something like that
  9. Good cooking xp as well, might try this later! Thanks for the tip
  10. Good idea and thank you I will try this :)
  11. with the bonus of pizza being delicious ill definately give it a shot.
  12. Always underestimated the cooking skill, this is a reason to level it a bit up.
  13. yesss. finally I cna use my fav skill for money making lol
  14. Good Money method for lower levels , i like it
  15. Great guide I'm actually in the process of making 4K anchovy pizzas right now will try pineapple once I'm finished w/batch. Keep it up pizza bro, cowabunga. Lol
  16. Thanks bro, need to get cooking to 70 for a quest!
  17. Maybe i should level up cooking now....
  18. Didn't think of this. This is awesome!
  19. Definetly gonna try this out, here comes the money

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