comeback and discutions about mining rework


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hello all , i'm back to flipping after a lonnnng perido of inactivity ; i wanted to coma back here after being succesful on some flip in the game ; and i actually did , i made about 20 m flupping mazcab codex , zaros essence d pick and some other ;

well , back to the subject , about the mining rework that should comme next year ; even if there should be somme modification about the content first announced i do think they will remove the ore/bar drop of the monster'se drop table ;

so here i come seeking your help ; how do this upodate affect the ore/bar price in the game ;

since runite ore should be mineable at lower lvl ( lvl 60 announced ) ; the price should go down a lot , but since the monster won't drop it anymore it should raise ...

so what do you think of it ?

( again sorry for my english i'm french :) )