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Cleanout - Old and outdated!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sky, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Hello Community.
    In the upcoming days/weeks, you might see that posts are getting deleted and some of them may even be posts that you have made, we are doing this because we want to be able to offer accurate informations and accurate guides and so forth.

    The reason this is done now, is that there has been posted a lot of things since the beginning of Lets Flip and some of those informations are so outdated at the current point that we don't want them on our boards any longer. There will also be money making guides and guides in general that will get deleted as RuneScape aswell is in constant change, there are simply some guides that simply doesn't work any more as they do not get properly updated by the creators.

    To begin with, the staff team will merely soft-delete the posts, this meaning they will not be visible for any members except for the staff team, it is done this way so you have a chance of making a complaint if we eventually deleted something that you used a lot or if we deleted a guide or a post that you have made and would like to re-fresh is so it will be up to date.

    Kind Regards

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