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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sky, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. So i got cleaned today staking.. was a bad idea to be honest, but yeah risk it for the biscuit...
  2. Didn't know they took commision stakes under 1m....

  3. had a 8M bank.. now it's more like 1K bank... at max...
  4. kappa

    MessageIsTooShort kappa
  5. Back to the flax fields!
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  6. 1mil to 1bil staking since 04'
  7. What does your bank look like currently?
  8. Use the Flip Chart, make bank !
  9. Bad luck... gl on making it back
  10. Sucks man, I got cleaned last week dicing. GL with the rebuild.
  11. bad idea, dont go to dicing websites. they are programed to always make you lose :p
  12. I got cleaned last week aswell but you can make it back
  13. this is why i stay well away from the duel arena
  14. RIP LOL. if you gamble at 55% its always a loss , learned from athene
  15. What kind of staking do you do?
  16. lol my friends in the cc im in always lose staking, one even lost around 800m in a day last week....
  17. I can't stake with my acc so I started using runebet , I was up like 40m first , lost some money , made it back , made a couple of mill then i chucked most of my bank eventually.
    Probably like 160m down so i'm not doing that anymore. Now my bank is worth like 30m+ but it was about 15m recently.
  18. I dont agree with staking much :C i always end up throwing my bank in
  19. Almost every time a friend says he's going to stake, i get another pm 1 hour later asking for a money lend to rebuild lol

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