Cheap Range Training Guide - 300k/XP = 1-4k GP Cost

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  1. Cheap Range Training Guide - 300k/XP = 1-4k GP Cost

    Video showing the method, made by A Friend.

    Stats Required: 13 Agility, 13 Thieving, 17 Mining.
    Quests Required: Lost Tribe Quest. (Requires Goblin Diplomacy and Rune Mysteries).

    Training Method:
    Using Dorgeshuun Crossbow / Bone Bolts purchased from the NPC.
    Recommended: Ava's Accumulator, High range bonus armour / gear.

    This training method does not display a location, due to the nature of Deadman Mode, advertising a location would make it a possible PKing location if players where to start massing there. This guide is simply stating the tools / requirements and allows you to train where you wish for the XP rates.

    Recommended targets would be monsters / NPC's that you can safespot. This reduces food use and thus keeps the training cost down.

  2. I do love the training spot but very dangerous spot now a days.
  3. is the bone cross bow worth using if you have 3m? like its better just to use runecross bow and steel bolts

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