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Charts not loading

Discussion in 'Helpdesk' started by BigBadWolf, Dec 15, 2015.

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  1. Hey all. I've joined this site about three days ago and became support rank right away: I loved the concept. However I'm not sure if my rank was processed yet. This is because I log in to find a 5 post requirement and can't see the flip chart.

    So there is a sudden 5 post count requirement after I donated. The 5 post limit in no way stimulates me to add content of value. It however does stimulate me to post merching-unrelated crap in the general gaming section or add posts without actual content such as "Nice find!" in other threads. The latter attitude is the one I'll take on too since I do just want to see the chart and teach myself to merch.

    So to summarize, I believe that a 5 post count requirement increases quantity but decreases quality. I don't mind the descision you make either way but I did want you to consider this.
  2. I think charts are down for everyone not just you.

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  3. As Ryan Stated in this post on the thread http://lets-flip.com/threads/charts-not-loading.2563
    The Graphs are down until RSBuddy is able to fix the issues on there side which we are unable to predict when they will sort the issue, hopefully our graphs will be working again soon.

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