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Chaos Druids - Good Money Maker For Mid Levels

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by masindu, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Requirements & Reccomendations

    There are no actual requirements for killing Chaos Druids, other then possibly a combat level over 30, and a good weapon. I reccommend these stats for a good amount of gp per hour around 200k - 300K + exp!


    Once down in the dungeon follow the path until you reach this.


    There is also a spot in Edgeville as seen below (be carefull this spot is in wildy lvl 1-3!).


    When in the dungeon proceed to the spot shown below in the picture.


    What herbs should I be picking up?

    At the moment the main herbs to take into consideration are the ones listed below, however the prices may change after this guide is made.

    Dwarf Weed
    Harralander (not worth as much as others)

    Chaos Druids also drop Law and Nature runes on occassion. It's up to you whether or not to pick them up in the place of a herb slot.
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  2. I also can add, that going to edgeville - wild dungeon is might be risky, but that risk is worth it. While you are in wilderness you can get looting bag ( if you dont have it yet ) and you can collect your loot ( runes, herbs, other worth items ). So per 1 trip you can collect around 28 + 27 = 55 items. But i prefer also to bring with you teleportations tabs or just better - bring with you "ring of duelling". It cost only 1,7 k.
  3. Great guide, wouldn't advise lantadyme herbs though as they are quite cheap and you can pickup a lower level herb which is more common and worth more.
  4. Lantadyme is still worth 1K tho, people who are lower combat and have to leave sooner because of hp issues or food issues should pick them up ;)
  5. Really nicely put together guide man, 10/10
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  6. Makes sense great layout aswell! nice and organised!
  7. i r8 10/10
  8. thanks
  9. good guide, when i was a lower levelled pure i would always bring a gmaul and kill the monks in 318 as whenever pkers tried to kill me i would fight back - also as the druids are aggro its easy to spot them coming as it will take a while for them to even be able to attack you - i made some decent money killing targets there :p
  10. this is very old, i used to do this pre EOC
  11. Good technique
  12. nice i am gonna try this out
  13. I would rather go to Edgeville dungeon, but nice method.
  14. Fantastic guide, mate!
  15. I knew this was good in Rs3, didn't know how good in osrs tho
  16. Pretty great early on
  17. Just a heads up, if you plan going to Taverley dungeon, you should use the agility shortcut west of Falador west bank. It only requires 5 Agility.
  18. what is a chance on looting bag drop?
  19. It's not that rare to get a looting bag (1/64 or so) but you can only get them from every npc in the wildy.. (And use it in the wildy)

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