Burnt Anchovies (Burnt Fish) Money Making Guide

Discussion in 'Deadman Mode Money Making Techniques' started by Didjibouti, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. I don't play any Deadman Mode but a friend of mine does.
    Recently he found this insanely good money making method where you can make millions per hour
    but selling may take a while. I suggest using zybez to sell the stuff.
    Burnt anchovies are going for around 71k gp each but you sell it for 100k easy.
    My friend said they were for godwars or something. this is a really low level money making method
    15 fishing and 1 cooking. but you could only sell it to the highest level of people who can do godwars

    Edit: Forgive me for the non-existant format and the lack of information
  2. dance at the ge or ask for donation lmfao
  3. Don't make fun of the 'chovies m8
  4. Basically any quest items can make u bank
  5. i can confirm, made 10m off this method
  6. ^ Sweet now wheres my support rank
  7. I'll start hoarding them right now!

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