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Brysoc's application

Discussion in 'Apply for Staff' started by Brysoc, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Name:Bryan Sisco
    Country:United States
    For how long time have you been playing RuneScape?: Just about 10 years with a couple breaks when jagex messed up trading and wilderness.
    How much time do you spend on runescape on a weekly basis?: I would say anywhere between 15-25 hours. This week it has been about 30.
    How much of that time do you also spend on lets-flip.com?: 10-15 I believe.
    For which role are you applying?:Moderator.
    Why do you think you are just the person to fill that specific role?:I have been a part of several forums in the past and I have had several leadership roles in various gaming communities.
    Other relevant information: Ive been flipping with this site and I believe that I could help you quite a bit. I also stay up very late. Sometimes up til 5am so I can monitor the forums that late. I am applying for any available role that you feel I could excel in. Thank you for taking me into consideration.

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