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BodyBuilding None Xtreme

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EreBus | The God, Feb 23, 2016.


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  1. I recently started the gym as a new years resolution and have come to some sort of turn in my life i never imagined myself being a fit freak and having muscles but a lot has changed and i cant seem to leave the gym once i get there.

    Looking for words of advice and support on my journey over the 12 months. I will be posting pictures some may have graphical and psychological effects on people as i am not the fittest person around and have a long way to go.

    Pre gym weight 88KG Checking every 2 weeks

    Week 1. Ive just finished my first week at the gym it has not been easy but ive done it!

    Week 2. 1 week left till my first weigh in feeling quite anxious but sure i have lost a good ammount ive been to the gym 12 days missing only 2 as the gym is closed saturdays!

    First Weigh in 85.7KG ive only manged to lose 2.3KG in the last 2 weeks not sure whats going wrong!

    Week 3. Ive set myself some targets for this week to bike 72 miles in 6 days Sunday to friday.

    Week 4 I managed to hit my goal last week and have set myself a new goal of 72 miles on the upright bike and also 2 miles running at 10KM ph on the treadmill.

    Second Weigh in 79.8KG I couldnt belive it when i stepped onto the scales today!! ive lost a whopping 5.8KG this week!

    Monthly recap. Ive managed to lose a staggering 8.2KG (1St 4lb) this month and increase my daily fittness by over 300%

    Week 5

    Week 6

    Third Weigh in
  2. Great job man, staying healthy is always a good thing to do. I'm just doing bi/tri reps, treadmill and leg presses atm. have lost 17 lbs in 5 days though combined with working 12 hour shifts in my company. Keep up the good work!

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