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Best item to flip?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeadlyTank, May 15, 2015.

  1. Hi guys i'm new which items u think are the best to flip and most profitable ?
  2. be surprised you get any good responses because once posted like afriend and scales wont be good item best way to try n find your own while doing few easy 1s which give steady income like runes food potions any consumable is always (fingers crossed) profitable done right
  3. Depends on ur cash stack honestly and items are different every day. Pk stuff always does well though
  4. I would recommend to start doing foods and just items used often.
    And while doing that experiment with your own items look around GE what people are wearing or using and build up your own list with items that work for you.

    Basicly: Experiment with items while doing normal flips.
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  5. Honestly there is no BEST item to flip, period. Because if people spread the good items to flip around, more people then get in on it and snipe the prices. Best thing to do is just sit back and think what items you could flip, try think of items on your own to make sure not many people do it.
  6. My tip to find great items is to simply just roam a huge lot different of items.. losses will be made while doing this yes but when you find a good item you will have it as yours for a long time.. that's how i find 90-100k margins.
  7. There is no best items. The more people flipping an item the smaller the margins so you'll find you'll have to find different items to flip from time to time.
  8. Try yew logs insta-sold for 100k profit in 5 minutes on 6:15pm June 16, 2015. Try it and Goodluck guys
  9. For starting out I suggest flipping items you would use day to day training skills, some examples below

    Yew/Magic logs
    Yew/Magic longbows
    Teleport jewelry
    Zulrah Scales
    High level herbs/seeds
    Dragon Bones
  10. If you have over 1m, then you should try flipping parasols, might gain 100k each one
  11. There is no best item to flip
    you just got to find your own items

    if everyone would flip the "best" and only item then it wouldn't be the best item to flip.
    just keep looking and trying and you'll find something good


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