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Best flip!!

Discussion in 'Lets Flip General' started by Frozen_kiwi, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Think I just found the best flip if it buys haha!!
  2. please do tell us, lol teasing like that ain't cool man.
  3. Let me see how it goes first, will update if it buys first. sells for 200% guide price.
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  4. woooot? can you buy in bulk doe?
  5. If it wants to buy, yes you can.
  6. haha owh, so it might not be the best flip ever afterall?;)
  7. Possibly the best haha. If it buys, its gonna make me bank, it 100% sells.
  8. Interesting, biggest flip i've ever had is 2m and it crashed after first flip.
  9. UPDATE: Sorry guys but it wont buy, the item was attack potion (2)-guide price of 10gp and sell price of 200....
  10. That's a shame. I got really excited. :/
    Nice try though!
  11. damn, that's truly a shame.
    ywah nice try indeed
  12. Had my hopes up there boi
    Nice try
  13. Dang that stinks. Hey can anyone not acess the chart??
  14. wait so it didnt sell? dam thats a shame
  15. No it didnt buy. Ye it is a shame.
  16. Nice try mate. Always next time. :p
  17. why would anyone WANT to buy an attack potion (2)? just wondering
  18. If it can give profit, im sure everybody in flipping would. ahah
  19. Couldn't you like fill it up to be att pot (4) ?
  20. yes but you need to flip items that have a demand to those that aren't flipping. everyone that is buying it to flip it is trying to buy it at the near lowest price possible and sell it for the highest.

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