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best f2p items to flip?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bholt80, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. really cant figure out how to flip instantly for good profit with f2p items, tried the purple cape thing but i cant buy dye nor capes..anybody got any other tips?
  2. Test out a ton of items. Try F2P Pking armor and weapons, ores, metal bars, runes, food, etc. There aren't set items that work 100% of the time.
  3. There is no best item to flip as prices constantly fluctuate so margins constantly change. But it might be best to try some unique items as you will be competing with f2p player and p2p players. So i would suggest that you make enough money for a bond by skilling / money making methods and then train fletching or use an p2p money making skill to sustain membership as you only need to make 130k a day to buy a bond and have money spare to upgrade gear / buy supplies for skilling.
  4. Raw materials work well.
  5. thanks for posting the link man. Will definitely try some of those items out
  6. I just did quick stuff like yew logs, death runes, law runes, chaos runes, nature runes, swordies, lobs. Stuff like that usually netted me a nice 100k in a few minutes, rather than waiting on longer flips.
  7. you can try logs, runes, food, but their margins are probably not very high =/ p2p has a lot more items and thus some items are barely flipped. It might be worth to become a member :D
  8. I would say runes are usually the best bet, always in high demand so sell often, and can really range in price
  9. I would guess something that is both accessible to p2p and f2p would be successful (as counterintuitive as it seems due to increased competition). If you manage to obtain what both communities use in abundance, you'll also find yourself with a larger integer of people who desire what you have. For instance, nature runes are used by both communities; if you're able to buy nature runes at a bargain price, you can sell it to a broader range of players (i.e. members) rather than appeal to a smaller group of people (f2p). For instance, I might avoid rune 2h as members would not use this item in abundance, while f2p players who pk would use it in abundance. By flipping something that only f2p players would use, you shrink the quantity of people who would like to buy your items.
  10. thanks guys this is really helpful =)
  11. There's tons of items even in F2P, that you can flip. If i was a f2p player i would try some trimmed items since they usually have high margin like, rune platebody (g), wizard robe (t), and stuff like that.
  12. Raw mats will work good!
  13. Unfortunately, anyone who is successfully making money in the grand exchange won't share their methods
  14. I'm sure stuff like green d'hide would be good for f2p.

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