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Best drop you've gotten

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by Ace Attorney, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. I got a guthans spear on my very first chest since coming back to osrs kappa
  2. Draconic visage! :)
  3. bronze dagger
  4. I've had 2 Draconic Visages from Skeletal Wyverns :)
  5. I got a Dragon Chain body from a drop party :D
  6. 1st dragonic visage at 8200 wyvern kills and it was really late and it took for a while for me to realize what just happened :D
  7. visage from black dragons, 2 within the week
  8. To be honest, nothing amazing. I do tons of barrows chests but nothing great. Next chest will be a guthans piece I bet ;)
  9. Dragon med helm from drop party :)
  10. mine would be a visage from lava dragons was kinda lucky tho 40th or somewhat kill.
  11. Prob dragon med helm haha! Hopefully my PVMing will get better!
  12. I've had a few tassy splits but my most profitable would have to of been my guthans spear around 200 chest count.
  13. I crashed my friend at kbd and got a visage but I felt bad and ended up splitting with him lol.
  14. Draconic Visage...on RS3. Only 1 Million GP, like seriously.
  15. Got visage on kbd. Was so happy. BEst drop i have gotten so far
  16. uhm I got an onyx and tanz fang in same drop yesterday, was pretty nice trip lol
  17. berserker ring, not much in the grand scheme but every little helps
  18. Not really done much pvm since my stats are atrocious, but id say probabbly rune scim :p
  19. I got an imp mask from first easy clue(200k)
    pvm wise its probably a r fullhelm from lesser.
  20. I have bad luck when it comes to good drops.

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