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best achievement

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by thug, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. finally reached a green cash stack and only took me 10 days
  2. I would say 99 Thieving.
  3. 99 magic for sure, did it mostly legit, bit of mousekeys tho
  4. 99 fishing here :) love that fishing!
  5. merching for a week straight and making 10m cash in the first few weeks of osrs release : D
  6. Played a GE only account for a few weeks and got to green money
  7. I'd say the best acheivement is big dog with big hug and fetching haha play dead
  8. 80 of fletching here. Finaly I can make those magic bows
  9. Well.. Not the best but definitely the most memorable, the first time I bought the whip.
  10. I'd say my quest cape, not that hard, but i like it
  11. first time i got a green cash stack, was a great feeling :)
  12. Max Combat only took like 3 years of playing 07
  13. Im being petty but when i got 80 hunter i kinda jizzled a little bit lel, yellow brick road to 99 hunter atm lmfao

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