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Barbarian Assault

Discussion in 'Player held Events' started by Constriction, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Event: Barbarian Assault
    Date: Friday 24/07/15
    Time: TBC
    Time-Period: Afternoon - Evening ish
    Requirements: 50 Str/Atk 40/Def minimum. (Not too fussy if we have a decent team).
    Amount of players: 5

    Description: 3 of us have already decided that we would like to do it so I made this thread. First come first served. Please reply with your combat level/experience in BA.
  2. Count me in, 76cmb can mage/melee got 87 magic
    A set time to meet up would be nice so i can cordinate for it :)

    Experience: done 1 full run + some rounds to 8 and 9.. (quitters quit)
    Anyways i know what to do.
  3. Combat - 80+
    BA Experience - Currently None..

    - Kyle
  4. If you could tell me what timezones you're in (and how many hours you can play), that'd be nice so I can work out a possible time.
  5. most people on the forum is in gmt+/- 2
  6. Sounds like fun
  7. nice stick to it man.. its good to see how many players are catching up now adays
  8. damn i missed it... hopefully i can get in on the next one
  9. Apologies, I had something very important coming up in real life so I haven't been in game for a couple of days/week now. I'm up for this again on my other account, Constrict Me whenever.

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