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Apple packing - No lvl req - 100-150k/h

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Hambo, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Just discovered that packing gives some pretty decent gold!

    Did also look into the other fruits and sacks however apples appear to be the best profit and haven't stop selling either.

    Good luck!
  2. If u buy 5 apples, for 200 GP each its 1k.
    Ur counting the price the apples don't even buy for.

    So u don't make any profit bc at this moment the apples cost 215 GP each and u will only lose money.
  3. Hey bud, I try to show these things all in one take when I can to show that as of when I did the videos the prices are accurate. Over 3 days now I haven't had an apple cost more than 200gp each or a basket sell for less than 1200gp ea.
    Sorry if there is any confusion here.
  4. [​IMG]

    they rose in price
  5. Ouch.

    Thanks for this and yes you're right however, did attempt to buy apples over night and they still come through at 200 providing you leave them in for night.

    Hopefully can still be of use.
  6. hmm interesting
  7. the profit is really low tbh
  8. not so much profit tho
  9. yes. not so much profit because of the said price change, but it doesn't mean that this method would be low profit forever. Prices rise and drop, so as the profit margin.
  10. it doesnt matter if the margin is low,
    One thing many people on this forum and the CC fail to realise is conducting a flip which only raises 1-10k might seem daft even if you have 10m+ but if that flip only takes 5 minutes. Then the investment is great.
    As a flipper, any profit is good no matter how big or small. Some of my flips only bring in 10k and I'm at 11.5m cash. But I do it simply because it's money I didn't have before.

    So if you're strapped for cash or want something to do outside of flipping this is fantastic.
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  11. GREAT GUIDE helped a lot
  12. Glad to have helped!
  13. Definitly works.

    I am wondering why people left an dislike on your video. :(

    I liked it :love:
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    Cant post?

    Edit LOL...

    Apparently i cant post pictures, but i got around 300 profit per basket... -_-'

    Tyvm for sharing. :love:

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