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Anyone know a profitable or equal magic xp? looking to get 94

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by zyak, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Im looking for a way to break even or make money on magic training, i know the alch for profit table but to be honest all of the items are what somone has just bought for very low, and never buy for me -.- So does anyone know either any good alch items that you even almost break even on or a good magic xp for very cheap?

    Currently 73 magic!
  2. What im doing is flechintg magic long bows. stringing them and then alching. but with the recent price change to bow strings its barely just making profit. but its a good way to level up two skills
  3. There are two ways to profit with Magic:
    1. Enchanting Jewellery: Recoils, Glories, Amulets of Power, etc.
    2. Enchanting Bolts: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, etc.
  4. Tan leather is quite profitable, however the requirements are a bit high. You need to have completed lunar diplomacy, have 78 magic and completed the fremennik hard diary. The profit per hour varies depending on the hides, but 1 hour nets me about 400k profit.
  5. thanks man im going to try this thanks
  6. I superheat steel bars, then turn the bars into cannonballs, you make some profit.
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  7. superheating steel bars can be a good method of xp
  8. The xp/hr isn't that great, but I'm pretty sure you can actually make a decent profit using the MTA. Not sure what the required level is, I think only 7? It'll take you a looooooooong time to get 94 magic using the MTA though.

    Someone should confirm this, but I'm fairly sure if you memorize all the mazes and get really good at them, the tele room is the fastest xp/hr. No AFKing though, and the minigame actually requires some thought.
  9. Can't you get infinity item as rewards? which is quite nice money if you put in the time.
  10. Superheat runite ore ;)

    Also sorry for late reply but this will still be great.
  11. Enchanting emeralds and superheating give profit.

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